Saturday, September 13, 2008

Infant milk powder is latest worry in China

Milk powder
DOMESTIC MARKET: Cans of milk powder in Kunming, China. Although tainted exports get the most attention, Chinese consumers often suffer the most from contaminated products
A major brand recalls 700 tons of formula after one death and reports of kidney stones.
Like most parents, Dong Zhenqing and his wife wanted only the best for their infant son. So they fed him Bei Bei infant formula from Sanlu, a famous Chinese brand with impressive health claims and top celebrity endorsements. When he was 4 months old, however, Tianyu developed a high fever, swollen stomach and urinary problems. He was diagnosed with kidney stones and borderline renal failure.

Sanlu, China's largest milk powder maker, recalled 700 tons of formula, said the China Daily newspaper, after an infant died and more than 50 developed kidney stones. The government Friday promised an investigation and said those responsible would face "serious punishment."

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