Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adult stem cell treatment gives MS patient new life

Fatigue, blurred vision, immobility, numbness and bladder control problems. For Holly Huber, that was life with multiple sclerosis. As part of her treatment she had to give herself daily injections of potent drugs in a futile effort to fight the disease. “I could tell my legs were getting weaker and my balance and eyesight was getting worse,” Huber said.

She talked with other MS patients who said they had great success after being treated at The Institute for Cellular Medicine in San Jose, Costa Rica. Not wanting to wait for FDA approval for the procedure in the United States, last fall Huber made a life-changing trip to Costa Rica. Over the span of 30 days, she received eight injections of adult stem cells extracted from donated umbilical cords and two intravenous injections of stem cells taken from her own fat tissue. She also did physical therapy four times a week.

“By the end of my stay my balance and strength dramatically improved, my bladder issues were gone and sensation had begun to return in my hands and feet,” she said. Holly Huber said the institute was immaculate and equipped with the latest medical technology that would rival any large U.S. health care facility.
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