Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Post-Finasteride Syndrome & permanent Propecia side effects

Many young men around the world based their decision to take Finasteride in the form of Propecia 1mg or Proscar 5mg for hairloss, based on the assurances by their doctor, the FDA's Propecia clinical trials (2% of men may experience side effects) and the manufacturer's medical literature that states any side effects experienced on the medication should resolve with continued use, or most certainly upon discontinuation.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case for a certain percentage of men worldwide. These men continue to suffer (often in silence) from devastating and thus far irreversible mental, physical and sexual side effects from Finasteride -- contrary to the manufacturer's claims that any side effects experienced on the drug would resolve after quitting. Most in the medical community are unaware of this possibility, dismiss such claims, or do not care to investigate further as to how or why this irreversible 5AR inhibitor is leaving some men with a post-drug endocrine system crash, loss of androgenic action in the male body, and a common set of hypogonadal symptoms... or why after quitting, those with permanent issues often find their Testosterone, LH & FSH hormone levels drop through the floor (levels typically only seen during male Andropause in old age, amongst other hormonal imbalances), and acquire an extremely difficult to treat form of secondary hypogonadism.   To date there has been no clinical or medical research into this serious adverse post-drug reaction. For those already suffering, what is ultimately required is a clinical, controlled study in the lab comparing us to those who never took the drug, to ascertain the root cause of our condition, why our bodies seem to no longer respond to androgens correctly in many cases, and why we continue to experience hypogonadal symptoms and irreversible side effects... with the ultimate goal of finding a cure to reverse this nightmarish syndrome, once and for all.
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