Monday, January 14, 2013

The Effect of Age on Outcomes of Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Compared With Balloon Angioplasty or Bare-Metal Stent Implantation Among Patients With Multivessel Coronary Disease

ARTICLE: This study demonstrates that older patients have a greater reduction in the relative risk of hard cardiac events (death and the composite of death or MI) after CABG than after PCI. Because older patients generally are at higher risk of cardiac events than younger patients, this finding implies that older patients have a particular reduction in absolute risk, corresponding to a lower number needed to treat to prevent a cardiac event over the subsequent 5 years. In contrast, we found that the rates of angina and repeat coronary revascularization procedures were reduced to a similar extent in all age groups by CABG compared with PCI.


COMMENT: This is a test to see how many are interested in this level of technical detail. Seven years ago I had a triple bypass. It was a result of poor dietary habits resulting in arterial blockages. My EP (ejection percentage) was 30% before and 40% after. In the Fall of 2011 an electrocardiogram measured 58%. Recently in Bangkok a local cardiologist did an echo and reported an EP of 78%. My regular cardiologists suggest this reading was a good indication but the high reading is doubtful. To achieve this I exercised regularly and gradually increased intensity from shorter walks to 5 mile daily to 5000 meters daily on a rowing machine at the Gym. The heart also grows new veins to better supply itself.