Friday, September 20, 2013

UC Davis researcher warns consumers to beware of unproven or dangerous stem cell treatments

DAVIS--In his day job, UC Davis scientist Paul Knoepfler probes the inner workings of stem cells and cancer cells and what makes them behave the way they do. 

Knoepfler is a rare stem cell researcher who regularly explores the most problematic aspects of stem cell therapies on the Internet in full public gaze. 

Knoepfler is a believer in the potential and power of stem cells. But he says that some of the dubious stem cell treatments now being offered have resulted in deaths and injuries. Other unpleasant issues arise as well in stem cell research, including the tendency of some stem cells to generate cancer cells, and Knoepfler wants to talk about them. 

He is “not on some crusade to dissuade people from getting risky stem cell procedures,” but says safety and training need to be encouraged. Reckless behavior endangers the entire field, he says. (Source: The Sacramento Bee)