Sunday, March 31, 2019

Statins Do Not Decrease Small, Dense Low-Density Lipoprotein

The present study showed that LDL-C was not correlated with the proportion of small, dense LDL (Figs. 1and and2).2). These results are consistent with those of a previous study. Because the predominance of small, dense LDL has been accepted as a bona fide cardiovascular risk factor, this result suggests that we should not estimate the risk of CAD from the LDL-C level alone.

Whether or not individuals have been diagnosed with existing CAD, our study suggests that statin therapy does not decrease the proportion of small, dense LDL among total LDL particles, but in fact increases it, while expectedly reducing total LDL-C, absolute amounts of small, dense LDL, and absolute amounts of large, buoyant LDL. If and when our observation proves to be reproducible in large-scale studies, such studies should provide new insights into small, dense LDL and its actual role in atherogenesis or the progression of atherosclerosis.